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Forest Ridge HT


The Forest Ridge HT is a nostalgic reminder of why you started biking in the first place, when all you needed was two wheels and a gnarly trail to get the blood flowing and adrenaline pumping. The front suspension makes for an immersive ride you wouldn’t believe, feeling the bumps and dips in the trail make the bike feel like an extension of your body. Hardtails are borderline indestructible, versatile and can more than fulfill your demand for thrill seeking fun, whether you’re hitting a trail, gravel riding, or silently hauling gear for a hunting trip, the Forest Summit HT has got the torque and heart for it.

The Bafang 750 watt rear hub motor allows you to take advantage of what a hardtail is all about, feeling the trail, climbing terrain, carrying luggage and most importantly, it’s so much fun it makes you feel like a kid on your first bike. No matter if you're commuting, gravel riding or hitting trails, the Bafang 750 is more than equipped to give you the ride of your life, just try not to overtake too many cars on your way to work or the trail!

Pre-orders are available at a special discounted price for a limited time. Bikes are estimated to ship in early June.  


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